The Journey of Sherlock and the Show’s Upcoming 4th Series

20.3.2015 | 10:24

Folks will always have their favourite genre, when relating to TV shows that is. Some would go for romance, maybe even with a slight dash of comedy. Others may thrive with drama programmes. Horror is another preference for a lot of people.

Now, for the very adventurous, action and crime shows would be their forte. “Who would not like some thrill and excitement, right?” they would ask. Well, each person is different and it can really vary. Anyhow, if you are such who likes plots like this, then you are in for a treat with the following drama.

And that would be the far famed TV series, Sherlock.

Sherlock is a British following that is based and adapted from the detective novel by Scottish author and physician, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, which is relatively of the same name, Sherlock Holmes. As mentioned, it is about this sleuth, Sherlock, and his great investigating adventures where he very much proved himself to be worthy of praise. Together with his magnificent logical reasoning and skills, solving cases even with difficulty did not stop him.

Those who loved the books are certainly thankful to BBC as they brought the series to life. The first broadcast was in the year 2010 and top billing the production is English actor, Benedict Cumberbatch. Sherlock’s sidekick, Doctor John Watson, has then been played by another English actor, Martin Freeman.

According to Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, writers of the series, and even of other famous adaptations such as that of Jekyll and Doctor Who, Benedict was truly fit for the lead role. Along with producer Sue Vertue, they thought of casting him right off the bat after they watch him on the 2007 film, Atonement. For the part of Doctor John Watson, there were a lot of actors who auditioned but in the end, Martin was able to bag the title.

You can very much see how all, from the management and staff, have prepared and worked for Sherlock. BBC Wales, BBC Worldwide and PBS network from the United States produced it together, so you can really see the support and funding. Award winning costume designers like Ray Holman and Sarah Arthur joined forces for the cast’s specific garbs. Details are, of course, not spared. The detective’s look alone is evidently well thought from the suit, the trousers to the jacket.

The Sherlock series was situated around the 1800s and producers and writers found it a challenge how the story can be incorporated into the modern setting. They did not want to make it too contemporary as well; traditional elements were still left as they are so as to uphold the original structure.

As mentioned, this was first released by the year 2010 and that is with 3 episodes. It was then followed with another set, comprising of 3 episodes as well. By 2014, there are already a total of 9 episodes since its start.

For Series 1, sequences of the programme were as follows: “A Study in Pink” (based from the first novel of the series, A Study in Scarlet), “The Blind Banker”, and “The Great Game”.

Because of how “A Study in Pink”, in particular, was highly received, that then led to the decision to continue with the second series. “A Scandal in Bohemia”, “The Hound of the Baskervilles” and “The Final Problem” were then the episodes that succeeded, which were chosen since they were very well known amongst fans and readers.

A sweet and short tidbit came in the form of “Many Happy Returns”, a mini episode that acted as a prequel for Series 3. This aired as a Christmas special in 2013. And speaking of the third instalment, episodes were “The Empty Hearse”, “The Sign of Three” and “His Last Vow”.

As of writing, a special broadcast is set to air by Christmas of this year, 2015. Filming has been done and wrapped up from January to February, and this will act as another prequel for the proposed fourth series. By 2016, if plans pushed through, and actors get to fit the project into their busy schedules, the next episodes will get to be released in that year.

Success has no doubt come its way and that is evident through their many awards and nominations. Best Drama Series, Best Television Drama, Best Terrestrial Show and Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor were just some of them. In the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards, they came out victorious as well.

In any case, are you looking out for the new series of Sherlock?

So What Are The Top 10 Most Anticipated Series in The UK in 2015? [Video]

17.11.2014 | 13:46

Have you watched Empire? It’s about an awesome record label whose foundations are built from corruption and even lost lives.

Some of these series have some characters we’ve already seen from other series as supporting actors, such as Battle Creek, iZombie and the serialized 12 Monkeys.

We’re pretty excited. Aren’t you?

A Gardening Addicts Guide To TV Shows

9.2.2015 | 10:50

Being able to meet with nature is of much fortune, especially when you are so used to the buzz and conditions of city life. And you can be able to do so with the help of your very own garden at home. Now, it is then important to be able to work on and nurture it for you to enjoy its many benefits, especially to the health.

It is clear that there are loads to learn and be inspired from when it comes to gardening and even landscaping. Horsforth landscape gardeners and gardening enthusiasts alike definitely appreciate what TV networks offer: shows that highlight and showcase what the industry can offer.

The viewing public will surely still find the activity therapeutic even if they are beholding it through their own TV screens. Let us look through a list worth watching:

1. Gardeners’ World
When talking of seniority, Gardeners’ World is an ace. It was first broadcasted in 1968 and it is still airing. As its name suggests, it is a programme about gardening, with a format of a presenter in his or her own garden. Experts also provide tips and ideas about how to take care of your yard, whether you have a small or a big one.

2. The Big Allotment Challenge
This programme puts a twist into gardening as it is a game show where pairs of gardeners will be given the duration of four months to have their fruits and vegetables grow. After each episode, a team, most likely the least in performance, is to leave.

3. Show Me Your Garden
Roundhay landscapers and gardeners will certainly find inspiration and learn from these gardeners who show off their own green spaces. Each episode will show three plants men or women who will then assess and judge each other’s gardens. The one with the highest score, of course, leaves with bragging rights.

4. Great British Garden Revival
Now on its second series, the Great British Garden Revival is a documentary that focuses on British gardens, specifically their “endangered” parts. The show aims to draw the public in to protect the rich garden design and landscape background Britain has.

5. Britain’s Best Back Gardens
Here is another way to exhibit and expose beautiful and functional gardens to the public. Not only that, they are domestic as well – simple homeowners really made the effort to come up and achieve such lovely areas for their property.

These programmes are no doubt perfect for this time in the winter since most gardeners are stuck at home, not being able to tend to their own plant and flower life because of the cold climate. They can be a source of new design and guidance, more so for those aspiring to improve their own gardens as well.

You can take the time out of your busy schedule to watch these shows that will take your breath away. These will no doubt be like breaths of fresh air, particularly for those, again, who live the urban life.

UKTV and Watching TV

1.8.2014 | 09:24

UKTV is a multi-channel broadcaster, jointly owned by BBC Worldwide and Scripps Networks Interactive. It was formed in 1997 via a joint venture between BBC Worldwide and Flextech. It is among the United Kingdom’s largest tv business.

UKTV’s stations are available using electronic satellite and cable subscriptions in the UK and Ireland. Dave, Dramatization, Truly and Yesterday networks are also available in the UK on Freeview, the free-to-air electronic terrestrial television (DTT) solution.

The majority of programs on the channels are repeat programs of BBC manufacturings, although the enjoyment stations additionally include some programs created by other firms and UKTV have also recently, commissioned a little minority of their very own unique programs. The stations themselves are played out by Red Bee Media from their program facility in west London.

The UKTV channels have actually broadcast in widescreen since  January 31, 2008, although some programs originally made in 4:3 layout are screened in the compromise 14:9 semi-letterbox style.

To find out the channels and listings in UKTV, click here.

(source: Wikipedia)


Study: Watching TV  removes stress

A new research shows that viewing television and playing video games after a difficult work day could cause individual feelings of regret and failure.

When many individuals have a difficult day at the office, they wish nothing more than to go home, enjoy and relax television or play a computer game. These tasks are thought of as unwinding, but this new study recommends that making use of media commonly lead to feelings of personal shame and failure where the moment invested with media is taken thrown away.

The researchers questioned the volunteers about their previous day at job or college and if they played a video clip game or viewed television afterwards. Those that felt the most worried out concerning their work or task situations confessed they really felt guilty about squandering time with both types of media, instead compared to attending to other jobs they deemed more important. Remarkably sufficient, previous research has actually revealed that computer games and television typically aid individuals recover after stressful situations, yet this new study disputes that. It shows that there could be a fine line  between using media on a much heavier day of tension compared to on a lighter day of tension. Undoubtedly, additional research studies might be needed to describe the distinctions.

“We are beginning to far better recognize that media usage can have beneficial impacts for individuals’s well-being via media-induced recuperation,” said Dr. Reinecke. “In times of smartphones and mobile Web, the ubiquitous availability of content and communication usually seems to be a burden and a stressor rather than a recuperation resource.”.

A previous study reveals that playing video games on your mobile phone while at job can in fact make you feel much less pressured and result in greater efficiency. Maybe the remedy is consisting of even more time at work to utilize de-stressors, like games and viewing YouTube, resulting in a much less demanding work day.

Do you watch TV after a particularly long day? What are your TV watching habits? Feel free to comment below.

Doctor Who: 50 years and running

22.7.2014 | 09:50

Take a look at all the Doctors over the last 50 years, his spacecraft TARDIS, gadgets and some trivia about the doctors. Check out the complete timeline from 1963 onwards. This graphic include all these information:

  • the  season, when it aired, and the number of episodes
  • each Doctor, and who portrayed the character
  • the companion, and in which episodes they appeared
  • the enemy of the doctor
  • all presented by year


Doctor Who Timeline Infographic